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Basic Car Exterior cleaning & Detailing

More than just a basic Exterior cleaning…

Is your car fairly well maintained but you’re looking for more than just a basic wash and dry? Then our standard Exterior detailing may be just what you need. Our affordable exterior cleaning & detailing package includes all of the basics and much more.

auto detailing washing

We start by deep cleaning your wheels and tires. Over time, they build up lots of brake dust and dirt, making them look dull. We use various products and brushes to clean them up so they shine like new.

Using a multi-step wash process, we get the outside of your car as clean as possible. We use the best products on the market to get things looking super clean and looking nice. They’re also completely safe on your paint!

  • Multi-step wash: Rinse, Pre-wash foam bath, Hand wash
  • Deep clean wheels and tires
  • Hand dry
  • Clean all door jams
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Apply iron and bug and tar remover
  • Clay bar all painted surfaces to further remove contaminates from the clear coat
  • Apply a high quality spray wax and paint sealant that will last 2-3 months
  • Apply dressing to wheels and exterior hard surfaces

If the exterior of your vehicle is in decent shape and doesn’t have lots of defects in the paint, this package is probably all you’ll need to get your car exterior looking good and back in shape.

However, if you need more of a deep exterior cleaning, we have a package for that too. See our Platinum Exterior Cleaning & Detail.

If you’re also needing an interior cleaning and detail, you can check out our Basic Interior detailing or our Platinum Interior detailing Packages.

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Additional Services We offer

Basic Interior Cleaning and Detail

We’ll give the interior more than just a basic cleaning. We go a step further to make sure things are clean and crisp.

Engine Bay Cleaning and Detail

It’s not something you look at often, but the engine bay can get really dirty. We’ll have it looking showroom clean.

Paint correction and polishing

We’ll remove scratches and swirls and have the color of your car back to a vibrant, glossy shine.

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