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Paint correction Tulsa

Paint Correction in Tulsa. Restore your Vehicle’s deep glossy shine

Paint correction is the process of using a machine polisher to remove scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s clear coat. If you just can’t seem to wash and wax your car enough to get that showroom shine back, this is what you need.

paint correction tulsa

We start by getting your vehicle’s exterior as clean as we possibly can. This means hand washing, applying products to remove all contaminants, and using a clay bar to further remove anything that could mar the surface.

We’ll then use a machine polisher with the highest quality compounds and polishes to remove scratches and swirls. Finally, we will use a high-quality paint sealant and wax to give your car a deep glossy finish.

  • Hand wash with high-quality car shampoo and hand dry
  • Clean wheels, tires, fenders, gas cap
  • Clay bar exterior surfaces for a smooth finish
  • Polish and correct paint work
  • Apply high-quality paint sealant and wax
  • Wipe down door jambs
  • Clean exterior glass and windows
  • Dress Tires and fenders
  • Dress exterior trim
  • Clean and polish emblems

If the exterior of your vehicle is not in good shape and has lots of defects in the paint, this package is probably what you need to get your car exterior looking good and back in shape.

However, if your exterior doesn’t have lots of defects and just needs light polishing, we have a package for that too. Check out our Paint Enhancement & Protection package.

If you’re also needing interior cleaning and detail, you can check out our Mini Detail or our Full Interior Detail Packages.

Paint Correction Prices

Small – Medium

$500 – $750+


$750 – $1000+

Additional Services We offer

Full Detail

We’ll give the interior and exterior a complete work over. We’ll have your car looking fabulous inside and out.

Engine Bay Cleaning and Detail

It’s not something you look at often, but the engine bay can get really dirty. We’ll have it looking showroom clean.

Full interior detail

Our full interior detail will get your interior feeling fresh and fabulous again.

frequently asked questions

What does a paint correction do?
Paint correction is the process of polishing the paint on a vehicle to remove imperfections and create a glossier, smoother finish. It can be performed by hand or with a machine, and it usually requires the use of specialized products and materials. Paint correction can be used to remove swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and other blemishes from the paint surface.

What is a 2 step paint correction?
The two-step paint correction process involves first using an abrasive compound and pad to remove as much of the damaged clear coat top layer as possible. This is followed by a polishing stage to create a smooth, glossy finish.

Do new cars need paint correction?
When you buy a new car, you would expect the paint to be in perfect condition. However, sometimes paint imperfections can slip through the quality control process at the factory. A vehicle’s clear coat can take a beating at the dealership or during transport to the dealership. These imperfections can take the form of small scratches and swirl marks. Thankfully, most new cars would only need a 1 step paint correction to get rid of these imperfections.

How much is a typical paint correction?
Paint correction is a laborious process and thus is not cheap. A typical paint correction will start somewhere around $500 for a small vehicle with very minor defects and can increase to upwards of $2000 or more. Usually, the size of the vehicle and the extent of the damage will be the determining factors.

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